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When exactly is the best time to contact us? Right now is the best time to contact us!!! 512-743-1896

Anytime during the project is a good time to contact us. Here are the phases and how we fit in:

Lender: We can help you establish a budget for Audio/Visual.

Architect: We can help you design the space and make room for your automation. We can make the hardware disappear inside your home.

Custom Builder: Most builders know our industry the least out of all the trades. Even if the builder has a guy who “hucks low voltage” you need a second opinion. Contact us to get a second quote and sound advice. If you need help find a builder who you can trust, we can help you with that too!


We are one of the nicest companies you will ever meet. We are super easy to talk to, so don’t be shy. We welcome any questions about our industry and how stuff works. We have many clients and friends in the industry and we welcome the opportunity to make more! One of our owners will respond to you after you have submitted your request. Usually within 4 hours or less. Since Social Anxiety is real, we created this great form for you to fill out. Contact us to continue learning how to put the right equipment in the right place in your home.

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