New Construction

New Construction Outline

Home Automation begins with a proper new construction outline. It’s our job to make a presentation to find out how much Automation you want to have and how much you want to control what’s in your house. You can control everything from speakers and TV’s to Thermostats, garage doors and even your hot tube.

Discovery – I’m sure your are great at what you do. We are great at what we do too! We take great pride in trying to understand your needs during the new construction phase. After all, it is your home. You have to live there, we don’t. We want you to be happy. If you only want to control one thing in your house, then that is all we will put in your house. If you want to control every light fixture, 8 cameras, 12 TV’s, 16 Pairs of speakers and the hot tube, we can do that too. We will ask all the right questions to make sure your new construction outline will fit your needs and your budget. We work very closely with your builders and architects to make sure we are putting things in the right place and make it work the right way.

Phases of a project:

1. New Construction Pre-wire - We need to make sure this is 100% correct. You don’t have to buy every pair of speakers for every room, but it is a great idea to cover each room with the correct wiring to cover future options.

2. New Construction Trim – This is were we match colors, finish out wire termination, install speakers and start building the network in the house.

3. New Construction Finish – This is usually done after every other trade is finished. The TV’s are secured to the wall, the devices are installed and the programming is completed.

New Construction Implementation – When it is time to start each phase of the project, we will have all the supporting paperwork to start the new construction project and all the skills to do it right. We won’t start until there is a clear outline and clear expectations of what is going in your home. Throughout the life cycle of a project, our clients will receive timely progress updates and consistent communication. Once we have a clear understanding of our client’s vision, we will work closely with the architects, HVAC and electricians to integrate the proper design into the project.

New Construction


Finish Line – Finishing the last 10% of any new construction project is crucial for a successful customer experience. Our clients will receive a personal room-by-room walk through and full client educational session upon completion. All of our clients will receive close-out documents with full scope-of-work-completed, service warranty procedures, and detailed financial summary.

Service – We are not done yet. That’s correct, the relationship goes on. If you have any additional requests or you need an additional education session for, perhaps, a home employee or family member, we are happy to schedule a time to do that. We can schedule annual, bi-annual or quarterly check-ups for your system as well. There’s nothing better than a fully upgraded and updated system.