Existing home

Existing Home – 

If you moved into an existing home that has already been pre-wired or has no wires at all, we can help. If you need a professional to come give you an estimate and ideas, we are the right company for you.

Most existing homes can be pre-wired without any sheetrock damage. It does take a little bit longer than a house that is freshly being built, but it can be done with little to no cosmetic repair. If the wires are already there, we have access to some of worlds best brands and designs. It’s as simple as picking a brand within your budget and we will be happy to install it in your existing home.


The picture below is an example of a remodel project where we worked very closely with the contractor and the cabinet maker to give this house a facelift and a new audio visual upgrade.



We installed a TV and speakers in this room that were within the budget and gave them a dynamic change in quality. This house was a 40 years old existing home in Tarrytown, Austin that got a major facelift.

Often times, installing a strong network in an existing home and integrating the TV’s and speakers correctly will do the trick. Never trust an automation company who wants to install an abundance of wires just to cover there tail in case the end product is something they didn’t expect. Start with the end in mind. There is usual a per drop charge for every wire. This does not play out in your favor as a home owner. You will get stuck pay too much for too many wires. We do it right and design a system with a specific set of wire and implement a strategic plan so you don’t waste money.