To the Builders – Builders know how to build houses and manage projects, but Home Automation Integration is in the technology sector. We provide budget friendly pre-wires for every builder we work for to get them what the customer needs without destroying the budget. Above and beyond the pre-wire it is a very difficult trade to wrap your head around. We provide training and education for new builders and seasoned pros.¬†We provide a fresh angle in an ever changing industry. Certain products are not popular any more. Certain “high end” processors are not needed. Certain wires are not necessary anymore. Quality high-end brands are more affordable. Don’t let your audio visual company sell you or your customers something based on margin or because they have inventory sitting in their warehouse they need to get ride of. Each one of are projects gets the freshest newest technology on the market.


Electricians are wonderful tradesmen and all of them will admit they are trained for high voltage, not low voltage. If you are using your electricians to run your love voltage then it’s not getting done right. Also, if you are using your security guy to install speakers then you have failed to provide the best possible options for your customer.

Let us help you and your customer get updated on the latest and most efficient way to wire a house. I know it’s easy to have your electrician “huck” a couple wires and call it done, but let us give your customer some real options.