Choosing the right Architect can be tough. We have learned how to work with every concept and style imaginable. We can make things big and loud or make them disappear and reappear with the touch of a button. We can give the architect, framer and cabinet maker exact specifications on products so that it will fit down to the inch.

We can also provide training for architects on current “best practice” standard and new up and coming ideas. Please contact for training options for your staff or team.

We will collaborate with highly skilled architects to build a complete set of drawings that will clearly outline and connect all of the many facets of the project. These designs are the key to allowing our operations team to implement the system correctly from start to finish. “begin with the end in mind.”


Architects are some of our favorite people to work with. We have the ability to add ideas and concepts from our industry that will add solid content to the projected architectural outcome. This is especially important in designing dedicated theater rooms. The lighting, fur down, wall size, closet size, built-ins and seating elevations are all factors that should be considered in the architect phase.