Unified Integration

About Us

The three men mentioned below are the three owners that make Unified Integration. Like any good Texas company, we put God first, our families second and our company third. We make every effort to give back to our community. We show kindness to our fellow man no matter what their color, creed or status. We are educated tradesmen, what a concept! Unlike most Audio/Visual companies, our background is rooted in being professional tradesmen. We have education in Business, Real Estate, Electrical, Remodeling, Networking, Project Management, Global Internet Backbone and Cable/Satellite Industries. Our unique background allows us to work efficiently with contractors and other trades. This synergy allows us to deliver a seamless integration for our contractors and end user customers.


“I expected nothing short of perfection from the crew at Unified Integration…… The jobs were done properly , but then again that’s what I expect of my contractors. What I did not necessarily expect was the professional manner and customer service… Thanks for the attention to detail and top-notch service.”

Ty Getterman

David Morgan – Business Development – Bachelor’s in business with over 17 years’ experience in sales and customer service. David’s Integration experience started as a project manager for K-12 classroom and conference room integration. You always want the guy with the biggest smile to say hello first. Gregarious, willing to help and always wanting the best for everyone around him. david@unifiedintegrationtx.com 512-743-1896

Dustin Castillo – Engineering and Design – With over 10 years’ experience in broadband communications, cable services, networking, security, and Audio/Visual, Dustin brings the best of both worlds to the table; great designs and is troubleshooter par-excellence. Always willing to help and teach a new team members how things get done the right way with the very best standards.

Freddie Solombrino – Operations – With over 15 Years’ experience in Operational management, business management, broadband communications, electrical, security, and audio/visual. We are very proud of his 6 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. His never give up attitude and his ability to shoulder a great deal of responsibility allows him to get things done faster and more efficiently than other Audio Visual veterans.


Unified Integration is a Texas-founded company specializing in Automation, Home Theater, Lighting control, Networking, Security and Custom Structured Wiring. Each of the founding members of Unified Integration have over a decade of technology and automation experience.  We have exceptionally high implementation standards and always keep our word. We found a common bond in our desire to put the customer first and not just sell a product. “Success without integrity is failure.” We started this company based on a conversation we had about wanting to be honest and make a living being fair to our customers. The rest is history. We have since become a valuable asset to high-end builders and the more discerning customers around Texas. Our trade areas include Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston and Dallas.